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On today’s episode of Impact Theory, former CIA spy Andrew Bustamante and I are delving deep into the unsettling realities of our chaotic world.

Andrew is sharing invaluable insights from his time as a CIA spy, offering a unique perspective on the distressing prospect of America turning against itself and the increasing potential for war. We also get Andrew’s ideas on how external attacks on our system could ironically unify us, but also how these threats are being weaponized to destabilize America.

We also touch on:
– How the new world power transition plays out over the next 10 years
– The bloodless war in China to keep your eye on
– Foreign power influence in US elections
– U.S. domestic and foreign policy challenges
– The need for U.S. policy reassessment in the Middle East
– Historical solutions and their applicability to current conflicts
– The strategic, economic, and military partnership between the U.S. and Israel
– The plight of Palestinian people and potential solutions
– Analysis of historical superpower phases and predictions based on economic cycles
– Impact of espionage on global politics
– The role of cultural understanding and unity in addressing international threats and conflicts

It’s near impossible to not be impacted on various levels by the role of the internet in accelerating the velocity of information.

It’s near impossible to not be impacted on various levels by the role of the internet in accelerating the velocity of information. We’re in a time where enabling psychological manipulation on a massive scale is happening right now as we speak.

As we face an increasingly complex and confusing era, understanding the tactics and strategies used to manipulate you has never been more crucial.

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Chapter Markers:

[0:00] Economic cycle predicts war
[29:04] Israel vs. Palestine conflict
[1:10:53] Negotiation for off ramps amid Ukraine crisis
[1:34:28] Secret espionage warfare
[1:51:50] Trump vs. Biden Chaos

Powerful Insights From Andrew Bustamante:

“The way that you defeat extremism is by taking out the first step in the ladder.”

“When most people reference World War 3 happening, what they’re actually talking about is a nuclear war similar to how World War 2 ended. Wars evolve like people evolve, and if you’ve seen the evolution of technology you can imagine how much more advanced World War 3 would be than World War 2…”

“Human beings are wired to survive. We are not wired to thrive. We are wired to survive”

“And of course, the United States is okay with that too, because it means there’s never going to be a military competitor in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a result. What does get to happen is those countries can take all the money that they would spend on military defense and channel it into intelligence operations.”

“So whatever happens, human beings will survive, will adapt, and will survive.”

“Ideology aside, if we want to protect American lives, we have to ensure the long term longevity, support and close relationships with the Israeli people and with the country of Israel. That is my official position.”

“When the United States cut off Russian bank accounts as part of their sanctions against Russia, and they cut off access to Russian funds that were denominated in euros and dollars, that was an economic warfare move.”

“Well, during those 20 years, while we were mastering the art of hunting terrorism, hunting terrorists in mountains in Pakistan and Afghanistan, what were our global power competitors doing? Was Russia engaged in the global war on terror? Was China involved in the global war on terror? So all the hundreds of billions of dollars that we spent in that war, we spent in a war that was a giant distraction for us, that gave our closest near peer competitors 20 years to invest their money and grow, to become a larger threat than we were even aware they were becoming.”

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