Paddi Macdonnell.

May 13, 2024

Welcome to May’s compilation of the best sites on the web. This month we’re focused on color for younger humans, monochrome for sophisticated humans, and (surprisingly) SWF-style loading screens.

20 Best New Websites, May 2024.

Whatever your preferred approach to web design there’s something here for everyone, so let’s take a look at the hottest new sites, and find some inspiration for your next project.

HappyHalers are downloadable 3D printer templates for fun asthma inhaler covers. The site is bright and colorful, with display type that has just enough of quirk to be characterful without going overboard.

The Merge is a developer conference run by GitButler, and the motif of merging tracks is used well here as a design theme. The dark blue-purple background provides good contrast to candy-colored gradients.

The layering of images on photographer Christophe Coenon’s portfolio site creates a sense of surface randomness which is appealing. Behind the scenes is a simple, clear structure with straightforward navigation.

12Wave is an interactive studio and their site fittingly features a lot of animation. The style is cute and fun, but the underlying functionality and performance are well thought out and smooth.

This site for design studio VE2 is very polished overall, but some details really shine. The ‘next product’ button and consequent transition are particularly pleasing.

The agency behind the Energy Profits site was aiming for hard-hitting and compelling, and they have certainly achieved that. Clean, but quite heavy white text on black with fiery accents, coupled with striking images, creates a strong impression.

This site for Anai wood factory creates a narrative that connects the forests that its wood comes from, to the end products made from it. Generous spacing and smooth animation create a calm, high-quality experience.

Flareum is a design system builder, and although the editor itself is still in beta, the site provides a comprehensive look at what it will be. The overall dark appearance of the site adds a sleek and stylish feel.

This is an online memorial marking the 30th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. The design is simple, using only black and white, and allowing the main focus to be on the faces of the people photographed.

O’shane Howard’s portfolio site uses an irregular grid layout for some of its navigation, and has slick scrolling animation, but what really makes it stand out is the use of yellow. On its own or combined with black, it creates vibrancy.

The colors here are nougat, caramel, and soft gold tones creating a sense of understated luxury. It’s worth noting that the hotel is still under construction and all the images of it are renderings. The end result is of a higher standard than many sites with real photographs.

Napiers Herbalists have launched a new e-commerce site. It is built around a template, but the customization is well applied. Muted hues imbue a feeling of calm and reassurance, and the home page hero image is welcoming.

This promotional site for the Knob keyboard keeps things simple, with white on black, and close-ups of product details. Information is presented clearly and without unnecessary sales jargon.

This microsite presents an exploration of Docusign’s new branding. It is a pleasing experience that is not only a good piece of design in itself, but also gives insight into how certain design decisions were made.

Generous Branding’s site has a modern, expansive feel. Scrolling text effects show attention to detail without distracting, and the vision page hero video shows a playful side.

Grayscale Studio is a start-up that aims to provide innovative camping gear. Its initial offerings will be available in black or white, hence the name. The site follows this too, and has an experimental, almost anarchic feel.

The style of this site, like the rest of the branding, is simple, bright, and bold. It perfectly matches the concept of store cupboard basics. Thank you, chef.

Online ethical clothing and home store Immaculate Vegan has updated its site to improve functionality. Navigation is clear and well structured, and individual brand information is available on demand.

CCA Annex is an online extension of CCA providing space for digital projects. The home page presents works to view in a grid with no margins, creating a collage effect. It is busy without being cluttered.

Holcomb Studio offers a limited range of carefully designed homewares. The online store reflects this with its use of rounded corners and a palette of warm greys.

Paddi MacDonnell

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