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May 20, 2024

Every month we put together this collection of the best new fonts we’ve found online in the previous weeks.

15 Best New Fonts, May 2024.

In this month’s edition, there are lots of historically-inspired typefaces, more of the growing trend for French traditions, and several families offering multiple optical sizes. Enjoy!


Spica is inspired by historical sources. At smaller sizes, it is extremely legible. At larger sizes, it’s evident how many different ideas have been tamed in a single family. Cyrillic and Arabic versions are also available.

Solena Pro

The baroque detailing of Solena Pro, particularly the exaggerated, organic serifs, lend it an air of exuberance and femininity. It’s available in 14 styles, from Light through Black.


Montris is a neoclassical serif with high-contrast and a number of details that add an expressive quality. It‘s available in three optical sizes — Small, Medium, and Large, which roughly translate to Body, Headline, and Poster.

TF Galina

TF Galina is a display font that combines retro charm with a modern approach. The result is a warm, friendly typeface that sets the tone for a whole design.


Esperanza was originally designed for the Athens Cultural Center in upstate New York. It’s inspired by lettering stamped onto local, 19th century stoneware. It’s available in Headline and Stencil variations.


Juana is a stylish sans-serif with a high-contrast, and tapered terminals. It feels refined, and effortless, as if naturally formed. But has, of course, been carefully drawn. There’s a set of alternate characters available.


Stasis is a geometric sans serif with three distinctive sets of alternates — Stencil, Slice, and Notch — they can be combined to elevate the simple forms to display-worthy shapes.


Arsen is an Elzevir — an Old Style genre popularized in France. It is designed around four optical sizes: Text, Normal, Affiche, and Display. Arsen has been carefully drawn to ensure optimal word spacing.


Racina is a sans-serif with high contrast and curved, flared strokes that create a warm, friendly design. It’s intended to evoke the Sicilian landscape.


Rialta is a clean, crisp geometric sans serif. It works equally well at small and large sizes. Everyone should have at least one font like Rialta to hand. There are eight different weights available, with accompanying italics.

TT Travels Next

Last month we saw TT Travels Text, now we have the release of TT Travels Next, an experimental display typeface that explores what TT Travels would look like if it threw caution to the wind and enjoyed itself.


Peleton is a contemporary serif. It uses sharp serifs to cut a definitive line through the page. Three different styles are available: Text for body text, Headline for titles, and Poster for very large text.


Chakai is a monumental sans, with flared strokes nodding in the direction of a serif heritage, and creating a carved quality when used in all-caps. The same qualities become less formal in the lowercase.

Quick Writers

Quick Writers is digitized lettering in a casual, almost unconsidered style. It works great as an accent font or to add a sense of a human hand in an otherwise formal design.

Alvida Fatface

Alvida Fatface is another retro-inspired display face with flared strokes that, on this occasion, tip it into the serif category. As the name implies, it’s nice and chunky and is a great display type option.

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