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In this episode of Impact Theory, Vivek Ramaswamy and I are dissecting the pressing issues facing our society today, including corruption in politics, the media, and the justice system.

Vivek Ramaswamy is an entrepreneur, politician, and a former candidate for the Republican Party nomination in the 2024 United States presidential election. He’s also an outspoken critic of what he views as prosecutorial abuse and the politicization of the justice system.

We touch on:
– Concerns and Ideas about Societal Direction
– Division and Influence of Media Institutions
– Free Speech & Political Unity
– Creating a Performance-Focused Culture
– Questioning Unified American Identity
– Shift from America 1.0 and Self-Governance
– Empowerment through Personal Responsibility
– Mutual Respect, Societal Metrics, Civic Equality and Historical Disregard
– Vision for Rebuilding Media Institutions like Buzzfeed
– Cultural Tone and National Leaders
– Election Day & Improving the Election Processes
– Politicization of the Justice System
– Restoring National Unity

Don’t miss this conversation as we delve deep into the current landscape of societal ideas that seem detached from tangible results; the critical need for balancing individual rights with group support and authentic citizen engagement in media; the need for personal responsibility in society; the implications of evolving political divides; and a collective reflection on what it means to be American.


[0:00] Trump’s impact on democracy
[28:03] America’s libertarian roots
[1:01:30] Class transcends wealth in society
[1:29:15] Using investments to influence company actions
[1:49:05] Concern over Buzzfeed’s shift and impact
[2:07:33] Endorsing state and local candidates for change
[2:20:58] Your civic duty


“So in the name of helping a particular community, why is that they create the incentives where single mothers can actually get more money now by not having a man in the house, then by having a man in the house, even though that incentive was created in the name of helping that actual family.”

“We live in a country where you can achieve the maximum of that God given potential without any government standing in your way, even if that means that that government isn’t exactly the party that lifts you up to achieve it, either.”

“Maybe the revival of parents, fathers and mothers both, or pastors or coaches, each playing their own respective roles in saving this country too.”

“I don’t think class totally tracks wealth, but that’s why I framed it broadly, is the sense that every one of those citizens has, that they are regarded as co-equal and equally important and valuable and morally worthy members of that society. I think that is an important metric that matters for a long term flourishing republic as well.”

“If this is done right, a lot of these policies shouldn’t be driven by the federal government, but should be driven by state and local governments, which is why I’m endorsing state and local candidates across this country as well, to drive that change.”

“The idea that Alvin Bragg is bringing this case after running for prosecutor on a campaign promise of going after Donald Trump and then goes after him for a crime that nobody can actually name, what the whole theory of the case is, he should have used campaign funds to pay for personal hush money payments. If he had used the campaign funds, they’d be going after him for that.”

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