Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from spring 2024. There are tools for AI images, audio and video editors, color palettes, multisite management, visual testing, website builders, free fonts, and more.

All of these tools are free or have free plans, though most also offer premium versions. The fonts are free for commercial projects. Before using a font, be sure to verify its terms.

Free Design Tools

StockCake offers a diverse collection of AI-generated photos, all available in the public domain for free. No account is needed to download.

Home page of StockCake


GPT-4o is a new generative AI model from OpenAI that accepts as input any combination of text, audio, image, and video and generates any combination of text, audio, and image outputs. It can respond to audio inputs in as little as 232 milliseconds, similar to human response time in a conversation.

Free Faces is a curated collection of typefaces available online under various free licenses. The typefaces can be sorted by cursive, display, monospace, sans serif, serif, and slab.

Wondercraft is an AI editor for creating audio content in any language. Use the AI Script Assistant to generate copy. Select from a library of realistic voices, or clone your own. Mix in songs and sound effects, and finalize with your team. Free for up to four credits per month.

Home page of Wondercraft


Chromafy lets you generate and apply color palettes to any website with just a few clicks. Choose from various color schemes, create custom palettes, and export and apply them to specific elements by adding class names or CSS variables.

Buglab is a no-code visual testing platform. It automates website testing by allowing users to simulate visitor actions with just a few clicks. Once a test is set, the system displays the results and highlights the differences. Buglab is free for up to 250 pages.

Deblank Colors is a free, AI-powered color palette generator. Generate palettes from text prompts, an image, or a color.

Home page of Deblank Colors

Deblank Colors

WP Foundry is a tool for managing multiple WordPress websites. Administer and back up plugins, themes, databases, and more. Free for a single site.

Dub is an open-source link management tool for marketing. In addition to link-shortening tools, Dub features advanced analytics, QR codes for your links, branded and personalized short links, and more. Free for three domains.

Font Interceptor downloads all fonts on a website. Just enter a URL and intercept the fonts — for free.

Home page of Font Interceptor

Font Interceptor

Fliki is an AI video generator. Start with text, choose and personalize AI voiceover, select the media or let AI generate appropriate images, and preview the output. Easily transform product listings into engaging videos. Free for five minutes per month.

Ginix is a tool to discover, analyze, and monitor online reviews. Ginix searches for new reviews, analyzes sentiments, and informs about any new feedback. Free monitoring and collection of reviews on 100-plus sites.

MarsCode is an AI-powered cloud-based development environment. To reduce costs, MarsCode IDE provides a series of capabilities covering development, debugging, storage, deployment, and schema generation.

Home page of MarsCode


Free Fonts

This Cafe is a rounded outline font with a drop shadow. Plump and friendly, it’s a display font that draws attention with a cheerful vintage flair.

Home page of This Cafe

This Cafe

Hollistticated is a thick script font with energy. Legible for commercial use, it also simulates street art.

Home page of Hollistticated


Okesip is a friendly, handwritten font that’s thick enough for display use but simple enough to use across a website.

Home page of Okesip


Fiesta is a bold display font with divided characters to deliver a distinctive and playful vibe.

Home page of Fiesta


Blue Bubbles is a handwritten display font with standard characters and medium thickness. It is suitable for display or descriptive text.

Home page of Blue Bubbles

Blue Bubbles

Dobedoo is a thick and rounded all-caps display font with a touch of warmth.

Home page of Dobedoo


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