In the vast, ever-evolving eCommerce landscape, filled to the brim with new digital marketplaces, standing out is vital for online shop owners. And you shouldn’t underestimate the impact your top-level domain can have on your brand’s online presence.

Over the last 12 months, the .store registry commissioned Contrast Digital to run a TLD experiment to see if there are any performance differences in using a .store vs a .com domain for your online shop. Spoiler: The results blew us away.

So, here are some good reasons why .store is the perfect choice for your eCommerce website:

1. .Sell More, Save More

Opting for a .store domain isn’t just about having a unique web address; it’s about the power of targeted branding to attract more visitors and convert them into paying customers. The 12-month SEO study revealed that online stores using a .store domain can experience up to 87% (!) more traffic and double search engine visibility. This increased exposure is pivotal in driving sales and growth.

Additionally, a .store domain can lead to a 12% lower cost per conversion, offering a more cost-effective marketing investment. In a marketplace where every click and visit counts, that’s certainly something.

2. .store Domains Amplify Your Brand Identity 

A .store domain unequivocally signifies your business’s nature, making it instantly recognisable as an online store. This clarity in branding can enhance your website’s visibility, drawing in a targeted audience looking specifically for online shopping experiences. It’s probably part of why those clicks convert better too, as people know what they’re in for.

3. Memorable and Effective 

A catchy and concise domain name is a vital ingredient for online success. Obviously, .store domains offer this advantage, facilitating customer recall and repeat visits. In an online world where attention spans are limited and competition is fierce, having a domain name that sticks in the minds of consumers can be a game-changer. Whether used in advertising, social media, or word of mouth, a .store domain is a direct call-to-action, compelling potential customers to visit your store and explore your offerings.

4. Build Trust and Establish Credibility

In eCommerce, establishing trust is paramount. Customers need to feel confident in the reliability of your store before making a purchase. Using a .store instantly communicates to visitors that your website is a dedicated online shop, which then bolsters your website’s credibility.

In a digital environment where trust can make or break a business, a .store domain offers a clear signal of your commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy shopping experience.


In conclusion, choosing a .store domain for your online store is a strategic decision that can yield significant benefits. From enhancing your brand’s visibility and memorability to establishing trust and credibility. And did we mention that there are way more .store domain names still available than under the popular .com? So, if you have been waiting for a sign to launch your online shop, well, this is it.

Register Your .store Domain

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