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Welcome to Impact Theory, I’m Tom Bilyeu and in today’s episode my guest Michael Malice and I dive deep into the realm of societal norms, politics, and cultural dynamics to help you break free from the “factory settings” of default societal beliefs.

Michael Malice is widely known as an anarchist, author, and podcaster who challenges conventional views on political authority. Through his work, he pushes for a deeper understanding of the structures that govern us.

Together, we debate the impact of governmental actions on society, delve into the psychological underpinnings of human behavior, and ponder the potential of anarchism as a viable societal framework.

We also touch on:
– Transient cultural issues like transgender bathrooms and miniskirts
– Peoples’ resistance to thinking beyond societal norms
– Effectiveness of inflicting personal consequences in political change
– Mao, North Korea, and USSR historical context
– Implications of an anarchist system
– Voting as a ritual versus a practical tool for change
– Inevitability of hierarchy
– Anarchism and political legitimacy
– Thinking from first principles
– Intellectual curiosity in communication
– Armed populations as a defense against government overreach
– The status-seeking nature of humans and its manipulation
– Media narratives and trust
– Human behavior and political dynamics
– Risk of global hegemony and practical limitations

Whether you’re a skeptic or an advocate of anarchism, prepare to have your beliefs examined and your assumptions questioned.


[0:00] Anarchism & the idea of “better”
[42:33] Safety over freedom
[1:23:53] Understanding motivations and predicting behaviors
[1:44:12] public displays can change mindsets
[2:28:38] Living an honorable life
[2:48:21] Climate change activism and global cooperation
[3:09:47] Approach life with a yes or no


“I think the world would be a lot better place if more people understood that political authority is inherently illegitimate and that we are all individually responsible and accountable for our lives and for our communities and things like that.”

“Because instead of wondering why the Republicans doing this, why the Democrats doing this, you know, a, it’s for power, and you also know, b, they don’t believe what they’re saying even as they’re saying it.”

“Americans are still fundamentally naive about the nature of evil. Americans, maybe westerners more broadly, think evil is someone with a wacky mustache pounding a podium, talking in a crazy language. They don’t realize evil is that next door neighbor who will be delighted to turn on you and your families, the cops, simply because it’s going to make them feel important.”

“Isn’t it so much better when you win peacefully? Isn’t it so much better when there aren’t millions of dead people and orphans and widows, when the bad guys just go home and they’re like, you know what? It’s a wrap. And just overnight things get freed.”

“Corporate America has done a far better job of promoting Maoism than the Chinese Communist Party ever dared dream because capitalism is so efficient.”

“My opponents don’t value my life at all, or they see the world in ways that are so fundamentally opposed to my own that there’s really no point in talking, because even best intentions, we’re gonna be talking past each other.”

“There’s lots of people who’d rather be poor and freer and live in a country that aligns more with their values than wealthier and subjugated.”

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