In VCF 5.x, the endpoint for modifying the input values of failed tasks in SDDC Manager is hidden/disabled by default for security purposes.

NOTE: For security reasons It shouldn’t be unhidden and if you need it on your prod environment,please contact GSS

In VCF 4.x this functionality it’s enabled and in one of my previous article I described How to update vSAN license key in the failed ‘Add Cluster’ workflow.

Backing to VCF 5.x- if you run curl command:

curl -s http://localhost/domainmanager/internal/vault/<failed_task_ID>

you will get an error message: “Something went wrong. Please retry or contact the service provider and provide the reference token.

To unhidden the endpoint, add ‘vcf.vault.http-access=true‘ to domainmanager config file:

1. ssh to SDDC Manager as a vcf user and su to root;
2. open etc/vmware/vcf/domainmanager/;
3. add the following line: vcf.vault.http-access=true
4. save and exit the file;
5. restart domainmanager service:  systemctl restart domainmanager
6. wait 2-3 minutes and try to run curl command to get the input values from failed task’, i.e:

curl -s http://localhost/domainmanager/internal/vault/97b108a3-463d-4a10-a8de-5d2b778b3aab -XGET | json_pp > /tmp/testwf.json

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