If you want to disable the VMNICS_MIN_SPEED validation during bring-up in you VCF lab (because of error as below) you can just skip the validation process at all.

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2023-10-20T16:23:20.023+0000 [bringup,11c0e70c474a8970,5431] DEBUG [c.v.e.s.c.v.util.ResponseUtil,pool-2-thread-19] Build validation response: {“errorCode”:”VMNICS_MIN_SPEED.error”,”arguments”:[“vmnic0″,”reg02-esx02.xxxx.xx”,”1000″],”context”:{“severity”:”ERROR”,”bundleName”:”com.vmware.evo.sddc.common.validation.errors.messages”,”validation.taskId”:”7f000001-8b4d-18c5-818b-4de5a780010f”},”message”:”The speed of vmnic0 on host reg02-esx02.xxxx.xxx is 1000 MB/s but must be at least 10 GB/s according to minimum hardware requirements“}

Convert your VCF Deployment Parameter Workbook from .xlsx to .json, transfer it to the Cloud Builder VM (in my case /tmp/vcf-5.0.0-lab.json), then run (replace admin user password with the correct one):

curl -k -u admin:'Pa$$w0Rd' -X POST https://localhost/v1/sddcs -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "@/tmp/vcf-5.0.0-lab.json"

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