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In today’s episode of Impact Theory, Sadia Khan is back to go deep into the complexities of modern relationships and push the boundaries of conventional wisdom about love, sex, and human behavior.

Sadia is a psychologist and relationship expert known for her controversial viewpoints when it comes to modern dating and the roles men and women are taking in it.

And in this episode we’re exploring the nuances of consent, attraction, and the subtle contracts that often exist between partners. We also discuss how societal changes, like the sexual revolution and the advent of dating apps, have reshaped our understanding of intimacy and commitment.

We’re also touching on:
– Why Men Get Cheated on More Than Women
– Societal Issues & the Government’s Manipulation
– Relationship Independence and Self-Esteem
– Traditional Values, Religion, and Capitalism
– AI, Technology, and the Future of Relationships
– Consequences of Sexual Culture and Social Media

Get ready to examine the delicate balance of power between men and women in relationships; the impact of technology on our mental health and personal development; and the possibility of a future where emerging technologies could redefine human relationships and societal norms.

This conversation challenges you to confront difficult truths about the influence of pornography on sexual expectations today and the dangers of excessive independence and impulsivity in modern day relationships.

Sadia offers a fresh perspective on the role of self-control, discipline, and mutual respect in fostering genuine connection and long-term fulfillment, so be sure you don’t miss her insights that will leave you rethinking the very fabric of modern romance and connection.


[0:00] Inflated sexual expectations & loneliness
[28:25] Changing dating dynamics
[53:51] What teaches men hate, not love
[1:12:32] Freedom & goals
[1:47:01] The impact of “the pill”
[2:20:00] Promoting sexual liberation
[2:51:14] Keys to a long, successful marriage


“Because they’ve got such inflated expectations of what they want and deserve sexually, they can’t match with people who are on the same level as them.”

“You can say the nicest things to a man, you can cook for him, you can look after him, but if you are not satisfying him sexually, he’ll risk it all to be with somebody who does.”

“[The miseducation of sex is] not actually teaching men how to make love, it teaches them how to make hate.”

“A promiscuous woman has far more men available to her than a promiscuous man.”

“I would love to redefine freedom as the ability to overcome your own impulses for your long term goals.”

“What the contraceptive pill did is give [women] the same kind of mindset towards sex as men have. And I’m not saying they’ve got it right either, but I’m just saying in general, both men and women have become so lax with who they sleep with, and as a result, they have kids with the wrong people.”

“How have we got to a society where we’re using other women as a tool to increase the novelty in your relationship and then you can just throw away the next day, and yet we’re claiming that we are becoming liberal and we have got women’s rights.”

“But who are you benefiting when we’re telling women that you can be as sexually liberal as you want? The only person that benefits from that is creeping sleepy men.”

“If we don’t give people any restrictions, where would they draw the line?”

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