Bringing a brand story to life

Third and Grove brought the Accelera by Cummins brand to life with a new digital experience platform, UX strategy and design, and SEO optimization. An agile and MVP approach ensured that the new website’s release was synchronized with the marketing campaign rollout.

The overall Accelera mission was at the forefront of each aspect of the site, from strategy to design to build. Components, content, movement, and interactions digitally embodied and reinforced the net-zero target.

Building Credibility and Connection

Whether prospective customers, prominent reporters, job seekers, investors, or influential legislators, all share a unified belief—the elimination of carbon emissions is an economic and environmental necessity. They’re all looking for a genuine leader to guide them to a sustainable future.

With Accelera’s complex technologies and applications, it was important to unpack digital customer journeys to inform strategic content optimization opportunities. For example, transportation and energy decision-makers were most interested in getting into the specifics of Accelera technologies, how they work, and how they could be implemented within their organization.

Based on audience insights, Third and Grove developed an SEO content strategy to build IA and content depth for pillar technologies, like Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers, to gain market share for qualified search intent.

The TAG team also prioritized a reimagining of the navigation to support this topic cluster approach and help key audiences quickly discover content relevant to their journey. A streamlined menu, smooth transitions, and a prominent CTA for customers make for effortless exploration.

Empowering Change-Makers

Motivating and inspiring potential employees was another hurdle to consider. We needed a way to communicate the profound impact each individual could have within a company dedicated to combating climate change.

To support in building top talent, it was important to first understand the journey of prospective employees that seek out companies like Accelera. We found this audience is passionate about contributing to a bigger purpose, and wants to be in a role where they feel like they are making a true impact in their community. They desire a company culture where they feel heard and empowered to contribute ideas and innovation.

To engage this audience, we intentionally integrated Accelera culture and talent across the site versus reserving strictly for a Careers page. The more resolute, unwavering, and consistent our messaging, the easier it will be to attract the right talent profile. The ideal cultural fit is someone who wants to make an impact, is determined to beat climate change and will be invested for the long haul.

It was most important to prove to current and prospective employees they have a vital part to play in protecting the planet and can truly make a difference with employee spotlights, testimonials, and video content throughout the Accelera site.


  • 412% increase in conversions sitewide
  • 40% increase in lead conversion
  • 25% increase in conversion rate
  • 500+ net-new keyword rankings for core technologies
  • Winner of 2023 Acquia Engage award for Regional Excellence – North America  

The new platform delivers the speed, security, and flexibility for Cummins by Accelera to face the (carbon-free) future.

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